Donate Food

Critical Needs:

  • Dry Cereal

  • Spaghetti sauce

  • Canned Fruits

  • Jams & Jellies

  • Canned Tomato products (sauce, diced, paste, etc.)

  • Boxed milk (dairy, almond, soy, oat, etc.)

  • Beef Stew, Hash, or Chili

  • Canned Meats (Spam, etc.)

  • Canned fish (Tuna, Sardines)

  • Baked Beans


Baby Items

  • Baby Food and Formula

  • Diapers -ANY size

  • Baby wipes

Personal Care

  • Adult Incontinence Briefs, all genders

  • Bladder Control Pads

  • Flushable Wipes

  • Toilet paper

  • Tissues

Your donations are always welcome to help feed families in our community

Always Needed:

  • Mac and Cheese

  • Peanut Butter

  • Beef Stew, Hash, or Chili

  • Spaghetti sauce

  • Flour, sugar or salt

  • Cooking oil

  • Diced, stewed, or crushed tomatoes

  • Rice Pilaf

  • Canned Fruit

  • Canned Meat and Fish

  • Beans

Thank You!

We have had an outpouring from our community during the COVID-19 crisis, and we continue to need your help. If you have questions about donations, please call us at 978-635-9295

Donations can be delivered directly to Acton Food Pantry on Tuesdays from 10-1 or during distribution hours on Wednesdays from 2-7 pm. If you are unable to bring your donations at those times, please call us and we can try to arrange another time. They can also be dropped into the drop boxes at the locations listed below. 

Drop boxes for donations are located in Acton at the following locations:

The Silver Unicorn Bookstore, 12 Spruce St, Acton

Sargent Memorial Library, 427 Massachusetts Ave, Boxborough

Donelan's Super Market on Route 2A/Great Road

Roche Bros. Super Market on Route 111

Stop & Shop on Powder Mill Road in Acton

US Post Office (Main Branch) off Route 27 in Post Office Square

ALL Acton Middlesex Savings Bank locations

Other Ways to Donate

The Food Pantry can only continue to operate with your generous donations.

Learn about other ways you can support our community!

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