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Our Heartfelt Thanks to the Community

Dear Friends,


These last fifteen months have been a time of unexpected change and challenges for everyone, including us here at Acton Community Supper and Food Pantry. Though we faced unprecedented hurdles in continuing to operate the Pantry throughout the pandemic, our staff, volunteers, and many members of the community rose to meet the challenges head on. Not only have we continued our mission of alleviating food insecurity in the community, we have done so while maintaining the health and safety of our staff and volunteers, increasing our annual distribution days, and increasing accessibility to Pantry use. These changes have allowed us to distribute more food to more people; more than 450,000 lbs. in 2020 (a 29% increase over 2019). This growth could not have happened without the generous support of EVERYONE in our community.


And so with this letter, we are not asking for donations.


We are saying THANK YOU.


Thank you to a legion of individual community members who consistently provided financial or food donations, meeting our needs time and again over the past year.


Thank you to community leaders who pioneered safe and contactless food drives.


Thank you to grocery store, food services workers, and Greater Boston Food Bank who continue to supply us with fresh produce, dairy, bread, and staple grocery items.


Thank you to the many businesses and organizations who gave generously to the Pantry, despite a time of uncertainty.


Thank you to our government leaders, who proactively took action to help us personally and professionally.


And last but not least, THANK YOU to our volunteers and staff, who have shown up unwaveringly while cheerfully navigating a constantly changing situation, and made sure food was distributed to all who came to our parking lot at this time of great need. 


We are forever grateful. 



Thanks to all of you, the Acton Food Pantry remains a strong and steady force for alleviating food insecurity in Acton and its surrounding towns. We are poised for continued growth in the coming year.  The show of support and kindness from the community has been overwhelming, and we look forward to a time when we can come together to express our thanks personally.   Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. 




Donna Bottari, Director and Lindsey Miller, Pantry Manager

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