Happy New Year and Thank You

Dear Volunteers, Board Members, and Friends of the Pantry,


Happy New Year!  As we look back at 2020, we are filled with gratitude for all we were able to accomplish during a year filled with unprecedented challenges. To our incredible volunteers – we truly can’t thank you enough for giving of your time in 2020. Whether it was the winter before the pandemic hit, or in the subsequent months, none of our efforts would have been possible without you. Here are just a few of the Pantry’s milestones, working together with you on our team:

  • The Pantry was open for 42 weeks in 2020, compared to a normal 37-39 weeks. We had only one Thursday closure due to snow!

  • We distributed over 450,000 lbs of food, compared to 2019’s 367,000 lbs. (Good news considering we were operating without clients being able to shop for themselves.)  

  • We had over 1135 different households come to our Pantry at least once vs. 581 last year. Those households contained roughly 3500 individuals vs.1500 last year! The majority of people we serve still come from our core 8 towns.

  • We did all of this with roughly half as many volunteers as last year AND while working outdoors in every kind of weather!


Our profound thanks to ALL OF YOU for making it happen. You are the true heart of the Acton Food Pantry. We look forward to 2021 with much hope for all of us. 



All the best,


Donna Bottari, Pantry Director and

Lindsey Miller, Pantry Manager