Where is NAYLAM supported?

NAYLAM service is provided in the Eastern, Western, and Central provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When should I book my trip?

On demand bookings are not supported by NAYLAM. Trips can be booked as soon as 100 minutes in advance.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

a) Canceled bookings are fully refundable if cancellation occurs 2 hours or earlier from the passenger’s scheduled pickup time. Cancellations made later than 2 hours before pickup time will result in a 50% fee of the itinerary price. If the chauffeur arrives at the pickup location and passengers fail to respond within the 15-minute limit, the trip is considered a no-show and a 50% refund will be issued. b) You ordered an Airport Pickup and your flight is delayed: Your chauffeur will be tracking your verified flight number and will wait free of charge for up to one hour. Any longer will be considered a cancellation.

What happens when my chauffeur arrives?

a) Chauffeurs will arrive 15 minutes early at pickup locations. The booker’s phone will be alerted with a maximum of 3 push notification reminders with 5 minutes in between. If passengers fail to respond within the 15-minute limit, the trip is considered a no-show. b) After boarding the vehicle, your chauffeur will scan your trip boarding pass and your trip will begin. If there are multiple passengers, scanning one boarding pass is sufficient as it is a syncing method for trip details.

Can I book a trip for somebody else?

Definitely. Make sure to provide them with your QR code boarding pass.

How can I book a round-trip City-to-City trip?

This can be done with 2 separate itineraries by manually booking each way on the NAYLAM mobile application.

Can I edit my trip after booking?

Passengers cannot make alterations once a trip has been booked. Cancelling and re-booking would be suggested.

Does NAYLAM offer corporate rates?

Absolutely. Companies that qualify are provided discounted rates. If your company does not currently receive NAYLAM discounted rates, reach out via our contact form -- it may be eligible.

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