Recycle - Acton residents

Recycle your redeemable plastic bottles and cans at the Acton Transfer Station to benefit Acton food Pantry.

Your empty redeemable bottles and cans donated at  our trailer at the Acton Transfer Stationn are a valuable resource to our Pantry. Our volunteers transport them in our truck to a recycling center in Waltham where they are sorted and counted and 80% of the proceeds go to the Acton Food Pantry. The other 20% supports another 501 (c)(3).

In 2015, community support of this project raised $4000 for the Pantry.

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to support the Acton Food Pantry by dropping redeemable plastic bottles and cans in the recycling bin at the Acton Transfer Station.

Thank you!

Other donations

The food pantry and clothing closet can only continue to operate with your generous donations.